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3rd Grade


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3rd Grade Class Resources


MP 2

What are Loganville third graders learning this marking period?


Non-Fiction text features

Purpose of texts

Using the table of contents to create questions about the text

Identify main idea/details (summarize)

Fact and opinion

Recognize essential and non-essential information

Reflecting on the most important idea learned in the text and giving supportive reasons why

Purpose of instructional texts

Clarifying difficult words/ideas within text

Identify elements of a mystery

Identify plot development

Making prediction and inferences in a mystery


Writing informational pieces with independence

Organizing informational writing using different strategies

Using Non-Fiction text features in own writing pieces

Writer use a checklist to ensure


Understanding multiplication: drawing pictures to solve, using arrays, relating multiplication and addition, make a table to solve problems, using multiplication to find total number of combinations

Understanding pision: two meanings of pision, model pision, relate pision and subtraction, relate pision and multiplication, use models to solve problems

Multiplication and Division: learning facts 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, and 4s

Explore how to double a known fact in order to multiply


Historical Documents, Rules & Laws

Democracy and Our Government (National, State, and Local)


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